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Brief description about Software Engineer

Software engineering over view


Every one worries about software engineering concept in their education. As I know this is easiest subject that I ever studied. I will explain in detail.


For example you have a dog and you thought of construct a house for that. What do you do? What your idea to do? Do you ever think about the house model, size and cost? Most of the cases answer is no. You will construct the house with things that you have. You won’t think about the dog what it feels about its house. You will build house with your own choice.


Now think about your own house. You will do following actions:

  • Search for right place
  • House model as per your needs
  • Cost that you can spend
  • Takes opinion from your family members and relatives
  • Search for right builder to construct
  • While construction you will check vaastu and quality of construction
  • Then you will maintain that house as long as you want to live in with some patch works if any thing happens.


What’s difference between dog house and you own house. Dog house is some thing like your program that you do in your education career as lab work. Your own house is like project that you do in your professional career.


Software engineering explains how you have to do your project. In general it contains

  1. Requirements gathering
  2. Analysis
  3. Design
  4. Coding
  5. Testing
  6. Maintenance


Don’t think that every one who works on project should involve in these 6 phases. In general every company has separate team to execute each phase.


  1. Requirements gathering: In this phase experts will involve while gathering information from clients (the person who need this project). Don’t think that client is an expert in every aspect to explain you in detail. Requirements team duty is to understand client requirements, if he is not a good expert in explaining each and everything then by question and answer process requirements need to be gathered. This phase is runs until client satisfied that he had given all requirements. These requirements can change at any time based on client deals i.e. SLA (Service Level Agreements)


  1. Analysis: As you are a student you may read that analysis phase starts once requirement phase ends. But it’s not true all cases. Most of the cases analysis phase starts along with requirement phase. As and when a requirement comes, that will process and if they need any clarification then they will look for clarification from clients. How frequently company should contact to client is depends on the business deals. This process will change from one company to other company. Requirement gathering and analysis are looks like similar but requirement gathering process of gathering information from client and analysis is a process of analyzing client requirements preparing analysis document and these documents are used in remaining phases.


  1. Design: This phase is some thing like starting execution of requirements. In this phase design team decides the system architecture. It includes design patterns, data flow diagrams, interaction between modules, data base design and UI diagrams.


  1. Coding: This is completely execution of design; this execution is completely based on design document.


  1. Testing: This phase is used to identify errors in the project. The main purpose of this phase is, to delivery bug free project to client. This team tests the product using requirements in client point of view. We can’t say that we do testing 100% client point of view but every one do their best. In general they are 2 types of testing 1. Black Box testing and 2. White Box testing. You can learn in detail later. Here one point you should remember i.e. while coding development team also do some testing i.e. called as UT(Unit Testing)


  1. Maintenance: This phase is not a common phase for all companies. Some clients do their maintenance of their work with their employees. This phase main intention is to solve incorrect functionalities or add new functionalities. Most of the cases client will give this job to the company who developed their project.


This is a brief introduction to software engineering phases. These phases are not same for all companies. Each company has their own process, most of the cases it’s based on client deals.


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