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What’s New in .NET 3.5?

It is a good idea to know ‘What’s New in 3.5’ before going to use it.




ü        Support for enabling existing ASP.NET 2.0 pages for AJAX

ü        Creation of ASMX & WCF based web services and consuming them from AJAX Library

ü        ASP.NET server side application services like authentication, roles management exposed as web services

ü        ASP.NET Merge Tool – a new tool for merging pre-compiled assemblies

ü        New ListView control which supports edit, insert, delete, sorting & paging

ü        ASP.NET integrated with core IIS 7.0 which makes ASP.NET services like authentication & caching available for other content types also.

ü        Microsoft AJAX Library to support AJAX based web development


Base Classes & CLR


ü        Support for CSharp 3.5 including LINQ.

ü        HashSet: A high performance collection of type set.

ü        Time Zone Improvements : to develop applications which operate in multiple time zones

ü        Minor Improvements in Threading, Reflection and controlling the GC behavior




ü        Client Application Services: All windows based application to use ASP.NET login, roles and profile services hosted on central server.

ü        Occasionally Connected Services (OCS): keeps windows application’s local and remote data in sync.

ü        ‘Silver’ : code name for a new technology which unifies WF and WCF

WCF Syndication: WCF services exposing syndication feeds. Supports Atom 1.0 and RSS 2.0


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