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ABC of Scrum – Continue

Scrum Challenges

I know after reading previous content you might feel that, this approach is so simple and easy to follow. But scrum itself a challenge. The team is committing to management that we are going to do these stories in this scrum. Team has to work hard to reach that goal. In the scrum every member has equal responsibility, everyone has to work and mingle with each other. Creating a comfort atmosphere among team member is a challenging task. The entire sprint depends on each individual and team communication. In this scrum approach there won’t be any boss. So when there is no boss, we have to educate each team member such that they have to feel responsible. I know it’s hard to follow for existing team who are working when boss put some pressure on them and commanding them. If any one feels that I am going to work when someone commands and look at me, and then just get of the scrum, it is not for you.

Until unless people realizes with what is exactly scrum it never going to be succeed. The success of the scrum practice completely depends on how the company manages to educate the member to understand this process. You know basic motto of scrum practice is “Adapt”. I can give guarantee that 99% scrum will be failed at initial stage, not because of lack of knowledge or understanding but lack of proper sprint planning. The team which will learn from mistakes can sustain quickly than other team.

Most of the people have misunderstanding that with this approach there won’t be any product manager. Technically it is true but product manager can manage the scrum, as a scrum master. But it real scrum practice it is not advisable. It needs lot of changes in product manger attitude towards the team.

Product Back Log

What is a product back log? Who is going to maintain this? How many back logs do we need to maintain for a project? I think these are questions might rise in your brain. Let’s clear these questions first

Product back log is a place to keep all our requirements. Anyone can update product back log. Requirements will be collected for clients, end user and product expertise and will be posted in product back log. This product back log holds all the requirements relate to a project. There will be only on back log exists for one project. There should not be more than one. We must have a common place to trace all requirements. If we have more than one then it is very complicated to maintain requirements and priorities and updates. We might miss some updates at one place it will lead so many complications and it is also create more confusion to people who are going to use or refer the back log for updates or requirements. So there should be only one product back log exists for one project.

Product owner is responsible for the product back log. Client can be act as product owner. The product owner responsibility is to update priorities and understand the requirements.

Product owner

Product owner is the person who is going to manage product back log. Product owner has to review product back log periodically and updates priorities. Priorities will be updated based on client needs and ROI (Return on Investment). Product owner will give priorities but he is not involved in work load or efforts. How much a team can do, will completely depends on the team. They have to decide how much they can do, and they have to provide estimates for the task that are going to work on.

Product owner has right to terminate current sprint and can start new sprint based on product back log. If team has any impediments then product owner has to resolve those impediments. He is responsible for solving any product related issues. Team need to discuss and have to resolve any problem exist in the team, if they are not able to resolve then they can discuss with product owner. Creating such environment in the team for resolving their problems is scrum master responsibility.

Scrum Master

Scrum master is the person who is looking at sprint team and monitors the progress. The scrum master can be a member of the sprint team. But a scrum master look at one sprint team. He is going to monitor one team progress. He is completely responsible for entire team. He has so many responsible in the Scrum practice. He is the person who will do actual work in sprint planning.


  • He has to protect team from other interference.
  • He has to respond to each and every problem of the team members
  • He is responsible for team interactions
  • He is responsible for sprint planning
    • He has to collect each team member opinion and effort regarding each task.
    • He has to give points to each user story after having discussion with team.
    • He has to make sure that no one influences other team member for giving efforts.
    • He has to make sure that all team members understood the requirements clearly.
    • He is responsible for not making any changes in the committed work after sprint started.

Scrum master is never being responsible for sprint release. He is responsible for work progress. The team is going to be responsible for entire sprint release.


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