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Installing COM+ Applications

Many of the tasks performed by system administrators relate to installing server applications on staging and production computers, installing application proxies on client computers, and removing or updating applications. Much of this work can be performed through the Component Services administrative tool. All of these tasks can also be automated through the Microsoft® Windows® Scripting Host.

Before You Continue

Installing a COM+ application typically involves working with components and prebuilt COM+ applications on a staging computer that is used to develop and test the application.

Before you begin the installation process, you need to use the Component Services administrative tool (running on the staging computer) to configure security, such as setting identities and assigning users to roles.

You should also set the server process shutdown so that there is a time frame in which the server process is terminated after remaining idle.

Finally, you might want to create COM+ partitions into which to install your COM+ applications. COM+ partitions allow you to install multiple configurations of a COM+ application on the same machine.

The topics described in the following table provide background and task information related to installing COM+ applications.

Topic and Description:

  1. Installation Concepts: Provides an introduction to COM+ application installation.
  2. Installation Tasks: Describes the tasks associated with installing COM+ applications.

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