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Performance Point Service Configuration for SharePoint 2010

Performance Point Service Creation

  1. Go to “Central Administration”
  2. Click on “Manage Service Applications” under “Application Management”
  3. Click on “New” button and select “Secure Store Service”
  4. Give a Secure Store Name and other details click “OK”
  5. Go to “Manage Service Application” page
  6. Click on “New” button and select “Performance Point Service Application”
  7. Give PPS name and application pool and click OK.
  8. Now click on “Secure Store Service” that you created
  9. Click on “Generate New Key” and give pass code. This code will be the secure pass to access the data base.
  10. Now you will see “There are no Secure Store Target Applications in this Secure Store Service Application. You can create a new Target Application from the Manage Target Applications group in the Edit ribbon group” message on the Secure Store Service page.
  11. Go back to “Manage Service Applications” page and click on PPS that you created
  12. Click on “Performance Point Service Application Settings”
  13. Give User Name. Secure Store Service Application will be filled with Secure Store Service name that you created. It is not editable.
  14. Click Ok
  15. Go back to “Mange Service Applications” page and click on Secure Store Service that you created.
  16. Now you will see one row in that sheet with performance point service name.

Configuring Performance Point Feature:

  1. Go to Site Collection link
  2. Click on “Site Actions” -> “Site Settings”
  3. Under “Site Collection Administration” click on “Click on Site Collection Features”
  4. Enable below features
    1. SharePoint Server Standard Site Collection Features
    2. SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure
    3. SharePoint Server Enterprise Site Collection Features and
    4. Performance Point Service Site Collection Feature
  5. Now go to “Manage Service Applications” page under “Central Administration”
  6. Click on performance point service that you created
  7. Click on “Trusted Data Sources”
  8. If you are looking for all libraries to include in the service, don’t make any change. If you want to have service enabled for specific libraries then choose “Only Specific Location” option and click “Apply”
  9. Click on “Add Trusted Data Source Locations” and add lists or libraries addresses.

Using Performance Point Service:

  1. Go to site collection page
  2. Add new Site and choose “Business Intelligence Center Site Template”. If you didn’t find this in first glance, go to “Data” type sites and you can identify easily.
  3. Create an Unattended Service Account; make sure that you are using same account as you created for Secure Store Service.
  4. Click on “Create Data Board” link and then start using “Performance Point Service”
  5. From the Performance Point Service package click on the button and say “Run Dash board Designer”
  6. It takes couple of minutes and creates an empty dash board with all elements that are required.
  7. Create a Data Source for “Share Point Service”
  8. From the Select a Data Source Template menu, choose the Analysis Services template to create a data source that connects to Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, and click OK. Next Configure the Connection Settings.
  9. Watch for Cache Lifetime setting. The value of this textbox (in minutes) indicates the interval of refreshing the dashboard information from the backend data source.
  10. Click Test Data Source to make sure that your connection settings are correct.
  11. Switch to the Properties tab and change the Name of your data source.
  12. Save the new data source by right – clicking it in the Workspace Browser, and then selecting Save.



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